About Us

TeeRex.uk is a family run, online retail business, founded in Gloucestershire, UK and established in 2022.

Through a love of custom clothing and our late, great, grandfather, Sydney Rex who was a pillar to our family - a funny, honest and loveable man, who we all miss dearly.

TeeRex as a brand name is a little play on words (or sounds), Tee as in T-shirts (clothing)  and Rex, a family name handed down through the generations.

Our beloved dinosaur brand ambassador represents the "Rex" (or T-Rex some might say) in all of us and is fondly named "Sydney". 

We hope you like our style and support our shop.

We're keen to hear your thoughts and views to help shape our product offering, so please contact us if there's a specific item or style you're looking for that you can't find on our site. Our design team would love to hear from you. 

Finally, thank you for visiting our shop and we wish you happy shopping on our site. 

The TeeRex team

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